iTEC (Innovative Technologies for an Engaging Classroom) – A four-year, pan-European project focused on the design of the future classroom. The Learning Environments research group is designing prototypes, such a reflection tool for learning, that support teachers to perform advanced learning scenarios in school. (2011 -today) more >>

Peeragogy Handbook – As part of my voluntary activities at the Howard Rheingold University, I am participating as designer and author in the Peeragogy project, a collaborative effort to create an online handbook about peer-learning. (2011 – today)


HRU Online Participatory Design – As part of my voluntary activities at the Howard Rheingold University Alumni Community, I facilitated four Participatory Design sessions using online collaborative tools. The sessions were facilitated from Helsinki, and Alumni from the U.S. and Belgium participated. (2012) more >>

The LeMill Introduction Video – Created in the context of my work at the Learning Environments Research Group of the Aalto University School of Art and Design, the video presents the LeMill interface. (2011) more >>


Art University Copyright Advice  – As part of my work at the Designium, I closely collaborated with Maria Rehbinder, LL.M, Legal Counsel (IPR) of the IPR Services of the Arts Universities Consortium Helsinki to design the Art University Copyright Advice wiki pages. (2010/2011). more >>


Design for Change Finland – Together with members of the Aalto Social Impact, I set up Design for Change Finland in Helsinki, and performed the four step toolkit of feel, imagine, do and share with a class of 3rd graders and their teacher. Involved parties: Design For Change and Aalto Social Impact. (2010) more >>

Film post-production learning tool – As part of the Visual Innovations for Inclusive Projects with Diverse Participants (VIPP), we prototyped a digital learning tool to support collaborative team work during the post-production process of a film production. Project Leader: Antti Raike. (2010/2011) more >>

Filming a New Beginning – A workshop for children by children – In the workshop children create four films through which they can identify challenging everyday situations and practice resolutions for them. The design was part of my Master Thesis in New Media Art and Design. Advisers: Teemu Leinonen, Ampat Vaghese Vaghese. (2009/2010) more >>

Filming a New Beginning – Thesis – My Master’s Thesis presents a way for children to critically explore their sociocultural living environment based on personal interests. The design process, design challenges and opportunities are discussed. Involved parties: Aalto School of Art and Design + School of Engineering, Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. Advisers: Teemu Leinonen, Ampat Vaghese Vaghese. (2009/2010) more >>

Nokia.Expand – A project realized during the Product Development Project with the brief to design a mobile device, which would cater to universal learning needs of children living in precarious socioeconomically situations in Kenya and India. Involved parties: Aalto Design Factory, Aalto University (ARTS and Engineering), IITK, RSID, MIT, Nokia Research Center (2008/2009) more >>

Nokia School Communicator – The Nokia Research Center (NRC) coordinated project, aimed to design a low cost and robust hand-held learning device for children in Nokia’s emerging markets. I was part of the project during my internship at the NRC (2008) more >>


Mobile Word Game – A working prototype of a creative writing game, created together with Kristine Visanen during a one week workshop by Jürgen Scheible at the Media Lab Helsinki (2008) more >>


Soft Measuring is a conceptual prototype and an exploration of alternative values for mobile devices. The project questions the use of exact measurements in everyday life and suggests that often only soft references are needed.  Designed during a one week workshop by Rasmus Vuori (Media Lab) and Lotta Partanen (Nokia) at the Media Lab Helsinki (2008) more >>