16! is a reactive installation created in the context of Sebastian Oschatz‘ visual programming course at the University of Applied Science Darmstadt, 2006-2007. Anne Göbel, Judith Winkler, and I created the installation as practical exploration of the VVVV programming language. The installation was exhibited for three days at 603qm in Darmstadt, Germany.

In the installation, the position of visitors on a large white area on the floor that is divided into 16 areas, triggers the projection of 16 different computer generated motion graphics on a wall projection. When many people are moving on the white floor area, the moving graphics are overlaid and mixed.

The design process consisted of benchmarking existing interactive installations through the Ars Electronica archive, ideation and illustration of 20 concepts, iterative low- and high-tech prototyping, and finally setting up the installation at the exhibition venue. Here are two example concepts the team ideated apart from the exhibited installation:

Besides learning the VVVV programming language, setting up an installation in a public space, and developing hands-on and conceptual design skills, this course introduced me to the work of Andy Clark, a professor of Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. Ever since his work has influenced my design work.

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