What motivates children to investigate and question? What hinders them to do so? How can new media tools be used to support children in meaningful exploration? How can “messing around” lead to collaborative civic engagement? What interfaces can minimize social power relations in a collaborative design space? What design activities should be supported by digital tools and how?
I am passionate about empowering every child to grow up as liberated human being, and seeding children with the idea that their actions can have an effect on their environment. For this, I am designing new media tools for learning. In my research, I am exploring questions on the role of new media tools for children to find their personal voice and to collaboratively practice creating change in their sociocultural environment. Currently, I am writing my research plan for doctoral studies.

On this website, I am presenting a selection of projects I was involved with and learned through, in the following areas:

As a designer with a Master’s of Arts in New Media and extensive background working in interdisciplinary, intercultural teams, I regard design as a core factor to afford social change. For me, participation of people likely to use a design in the future, hands-on prototyping and compassion play key roles in the iterative design process. My strategic design thinking and flexible facilitation skills compliment my (motion) graphic, film and production design abilities. I consider myself a lifelong learner.